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F1 Teamed Up With The Chemical Brothers To Create The 'World's Fastest Remix' For Some Reason

This three-second clip is part of Formula 1's new 'sonic identity' and hits 15,000 beats per minute, making it supposedly the fastest remix of all-time

Remind me later

Titled ‘WGTT15000BPM F1 Neeeum Mix’, the track clocks in at 15,000BPM to match the 15,000RPM limit of the V6 hybrid power units used by current Formula 1 cars.

The clip has been made to celebrate the start of the new season and according to the press release (yes, there was actually a press release for this) will “become the new global sonic identity for F1 moving forward”. That means it’ll likely be used in tandem with the F1 logo, or during transitions between replays and live action. Because apparently we need a sound effect for those sort of things these days.

The clip is actually based on a full version of The Chemical Brothers’ new song, ‘We’ve Got To Try’, which will form “the sound of the F1 2019 season” - the full video of which features a dog ‘driving’ an F1 car.

It’s all a little bit strange, isn’t it? The short remixed version clip is especially brain-twisting. It’s meant to represent the sound of an F1 car going past, which begs the question - why not just actually use the sound of an F1 car going past?

A version of this article was originally posted on WTF1