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Ever Heard Of Tuning Company Mansory? Their Cars Make Shrek Look Sexy

Tuning cars is no new thing. Tuning cars by cutting corners and making them this ugly however...?

Remind me later
Mansory Aventador When you've got more money than sense, you probably think your 'bog standard' Lamborghini Aventador just isn't unique enough. This is where Mansory come in to give your motor a little extra flourish. Unfortunately money can't buy you taste - Mansory are guilty of creating some quite hideous vehicles. And the way they 'tune' their cars leaves much to be desired too: With all that money floating around, you'd expect some state of the art facilities moulding and grafting your modifications with pinpoint accuracy. You'd be wrong. This video above shows how workers stick the carbonfibre parts on with double sided tape, making this the most expensive bodge job of all time. With this in mind, we thought it rude not to show you some of Mansory's most heinous vehicular crimes. Warning: some of the cars you're about to see will make you angry.

Porsche 970 Panamera

mansory-porsche-panamera-turbo The Panamera already divided opinion, so Mansory's delicate touch was always going to make or break this car. We think they broke it. That lairy blue exterior isn't befitting of such a bulbous vehicle, with the wide bodykit swelling what is hardly a shy and retiring beast as standard. Somehow, the interior is worse. A catastrophic clash of blue and yellow, Mansory have taken Porsche's high class, high quality interior and left it looking like a paint factory vomited inside. mansory-porsche-panamera-turbo-11

Mansory Linea d'Oro Bugatti Veyron

bu_doro_ext_01 The car that changed the way we view hypercar performance has been given the bling treatment. Mansory's dedication to making everything possible from carbon fibre is evident here with most of the car's panels replaced with the stuff, including the remodeled front end. The carbon fabric has inbuilt copper thread, which makes the weave really stand out. The icing on the cake comes in the form of the gold touches to the grille, door handles, wing mirrors and alloy wheels, because driving a Veyron doesn't scream wealth already.

McLaren MP4-12C

s2_0 This isn't Mansory's most aesthetically offensive vehicle, admittedly. The bonnet stripe looks like an afterthought and the Daytime Running Lights are incredibly tacky, however Mansory claim that "the newly designed side sill set steadies the airflow between the two axles. A wing profile, in combination with the diffuser, delivers greater contact pressure on the rear axle." They're claiming that McLaren's Formula 1-derived expertise into the dark art that is aerodynamics has been improved by some blokes in a workshop taping parts to the car. Go home, Mansory. You're drunk.

Mansory Renovatio

me_slr_ext_02 On paper the Renovatio sounds brilliant. Based on a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, Mansory made it lighter and tweaked the performance. Again there is carbon fibre everything, and the alloy wheels are also super lightweight examples. Unfortunately, they look awful. Even worse are the carbon fibre fender vents which break up the lines of the car. The insult to eyesight doesn't end there, though, as the interior is a garish vision of a playboy's bedroom. Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 15.57.05

Garia Mansory Edition

Currus This modified golf cart is equal parts hideous, equal parts genius. Garia are big in the golf cart game, with their vehicles put together in the same factory as Porsche's Boxster and Cayman models. Mansory obviously decided that this was enough sporting heritage to justify swathes of carbon fibre, because golf carts are obviously in need of weight reduction... The model pictured above is the Currus, Mansory's take on the Garia Roadster. Seriously.