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Don’t Expect A Convertible Alpine A110 Any Time Soon

Alpine’s managing director has confirmed that further iterations of the A110 will happen, while ruling out a convertible version

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Render via X-Tomi Design
Render via X-Tomi Design

It didn’t take long following the Alpine A110’s reveal for the convertible renders to happen. And you can see why: since the coupe is a lighter, simpler rival to the Porsche Cayman, it makes sense to make a lighter, simpler rival for the Boxster, no?

Unfortunately though, a drop-top A110 isn’t going to happen, at least not for now. Speaking at the launch of the car in the south of France this week, Alpine managing director Michael van der Sande said, “I can confirm that we have not planned to do a convertible version of this car….there’s not a lot of history of convertibles in Alpine, and we want to clearly communicate what this car is and why it is the way it is. We feel that works well as a coupe.”

Alpine also announced that the specced-up A110 Premiere Edition (below) will be followed by two main trim levels: Pure and Légende (UK pricing TBA). Pure will be the simple, low-spec version that hits Alpine’s magic 1080kg weight figure, while Legende adds some luxuries - including six-way electric seats.

Alpine - Don’t Expect A Convertible Alpine A110 Any Time Soon - News

The Premiere, Pure and Légende covers what Alpine will be building “for the next 18-24 months,” van der Sande said, but even though a drop-top isn’t happening, there will be other A110s. “Clearly this type of car, this type of platform lends itself to variations,” he noted.

The compact seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox is a limiting factor for the car when it comes to power, so an even lighter, more focused version seems likely.

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