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Dodge Challenger SRT Demon's Launch-Friendly Upgrades Detailed

In the latest SRT Demon teaser, Dodge details all the upgrades - including a new torque converter - that'll allow the car to launch with much more venom than the Hellcat

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Here it is, Dodge Challenger SRT Demon teaser number six. With 14 videos in total we’re almost at the half-way point, and this later one is all about how the Demon will be a hero when it comes to launches. No Metallica lyrics are involved this time though, I’m afraid.

We already know the Demon will get fat 315-section drag radials front and rear, but now Dodge has revealed the Demon will also be given an upgraded torque converter for its eight-speed automatic gearbox with a higher stall speed, plus a 3.09 final drive ratio, compared to 2.62 on the Hellcat. In other words, top speed is sacrificed for acceleration.

Dodge - Dodge Challenger SRT Demon's Launch-Friendly Upgrades Detailed - News

Dodge says the changes make for an 18 per cent increase in converter torque multiplication and an 18 per cent increase in rear axle multiplication, while also noting that the Demon has a 15 per cent larger contact patch and twice the grip. Bear all that in mind, and you’re looking at a car which will “generate more than 35 percent higher launch force” compared to a Hellcat, before factoring in whatever else might be revealed in the next eight teasers.

Once the teasing’s all done and dusted, the car will be revealed in full at the New York Auto Show.