Alex Hamilton 6 years ago 0

Detroit 2012: Smart For-Us Concept

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Smart You-Go Concept Smart have came up with a little pick-up which claims to be the perfect car for young 'uns. The designers at Smart reckon this is because it's small on the outside, large on the inside, very safe and very comfortable. But what exactly is it and why will we love it? Firstly, it's a future proof fully electric city car which means that we need not worry about the rising petrol costs killing our wallets. The electric motor produces 74bhp, around the same as the higher powered 1.0L petrol engine in the VW Up!, and 96lb ft or torque leading to a top speed of 75mph. What if I run out of road and can't be bothered to walk? Fear not my friend because you can get a couple of e-bikes on the back deck which are charged with a dock in the boot. Just because the road ends doesn't mean your journey has to and as a result, you'll never need walk anywhere again. Secondly, it's a funky looking thing. The For-Us looks like a diddy version of the Land Rover DC 100 sport concept. Instead of aggression, the Smart welcomes you with a cheeky smile and the track is wider than your average ForTwo so that it's more robust. Lastly, it's usable. The little Smart promises to fit two people in comfort and, if you can't or don't want to cycle, you can take the e-bikes out of the boot to give you a 900mm load bay. Will it be a hit with us youngsters? It's certainly different isn't it? If you live in the likes of Central London and only care about getting around then this looks perfect for you. If, like me, you prefer proper cars and you live in the middle of nowhere then I'm not so sure. Thanks to Kanishka Sonnadara for the live photos.