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Connor's Day, A Touching Tribute

On Saturday, the car community came together to give a sick boy a day to remember...

Remind me later
A father, who had just received the terrible news that son was terminally ill, had called on his fellow Subaru enthusiasts to help fulfill a promise that his son could attend a car show. Within a week Connor’s Day had gone viral. Threads appeared on car forums outside ScoobyNet, and sites like Jalopnik picked up on the story. All this meant that on September 8th, a mere 10 days from the original post, more than 1000 cars brought the sound of revving engines and crackling exhausts to a small village outside Huddersfield. The official start time was 1pm, but expensive metal began arriving well before lunch. What was intended to be a small gathering ended up with a variety of cars that would give any motor show a run for its money. There were, naturally, Imprezas as far as the eye could see, but the list of cars also included huge support from the Focus RS community, an Audi R8, Ferraris and a number of classic motors. There was also a lot of proof, if ever it were needed, that the modding community is still alive and well! Drive channel host Alex Roy even made the trip over the pond to drive Morgan’s 3-wheeler to the show, and Connor was lucky enough to get some seat time in the mean machine. Alex wasn’t the only one to travel some distance, with owners having traveled from France and Guernsey for the weekend. Kinda pisses all over my 250 mile trip! Researching for this article I have been blown away by the outpouring of help for our fellow car guys. From the marshalls volunteering their time to the owners who put their cars on display for the lad. So far the event has raised more than £2000 for Candlelighters, a children’s charity based in Leeds General Infirmary where Connor has been treated before. And that’s before the direct donations and tshirt contributions are accounted for. Even in Vancouver, Canada, those who couldn’t make the trip threw a little gathering to do their bit. And with talk of Connor’s Day 2013 already on the cards, I think its clear us petrolheads aren’t done helping yet. Fellow fans of everything automobile, you’ve done each other proud!