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Can The Cadillac ATS-V Beat The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio In A Drag Race?

It's YouTube drag race time for the hottest Giulia once again, with the Quadrifoglio joined by a Cadillac ATS-V and a BMW M3

Remind me later

We’ve already seen the Giulia Quadrifoglio take on a BMW M3 Competition Pack and a Mercedes-AMG C63 thanks to a recent video from Car Wow, but how might a Cadillac ATS-V fare against Alfa Romeo’s super saloon? Thanks to this race from French publication Motorsport Magazine, we get a chance to find out how the American competitor gets on.

Once again there’s an M3 Competiton Pack also trying its luck against the Italian, setting up a interesting three car drag race. The Alfa is quicker than both on paper, but that - of course -doesn’t guarantee it victory.

Who’s your money on this time?

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