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BMW M4 'CSL' Test Mule Papped Looking Very Angry

A new G82 M4 derivative has been spotted undergoing testing with some new aero additions - could this be a CSL?

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BMW - BMW M4 'CSL' Test Mule Papped Looking Very Angry - News

Despite a porky weight figure, problematic styling (not limited to the ‘nostrils) and an underwhelming engine note, the new ‘G82’ BMW M4 Competition is a surefire hit. We didn’t come away from our first drive hankering after a tweaked version, but apparently not wanting to rest on its laurels, M Division is working on just that.

An M4 test mule has been spotted out in the wild, and although the camouflage is fairly heavy, there are some clear deviations from the regular version of the car.

BMW - BMW M4 'CSL' Test Mule Papped Looking Very Angry - News

First up is the lower front splitter, which features winglets on either side. At the rear, meanwhile, is a taller, ducktail-style spoiler. Neither part is from the range of M4 M Performance parts revealed last year, indicating that this is something rather special.

There’s a question mark over what it might be called, though. In the last few years, BMW has favoured the ‘CS’ badge for spiced-up M cars like the M2 CS and M5 CS, but it’s thought the current M4 will bring about a long-awaited return of the ‘CSL’ name.

BMW - BMW M4 'CSL' Test Mule Papped Looking Very Angry - News

There’s certainly plenty of scope for a CSL-spec fat trimming, with the G82 M4 weighing in over 1700kg when specced with an automatic gearbox. Standard-fit carbon ceramic brakes, which are optional on the regular M4 Competition, would help trim the unsprung mass nicely. Sure enough, they look to be fitted to this test mule, as indicated by the dashing gold brake calipers.

BMW - BMW M4 'CSL' Test Mule Papped Looking Very Angry - News

To lower the weight figure further, an M4 CSL might take inspiration from the legendary E46 M3 CSL. The last car to use the CSL designation had various carbon fibre body panels, lighter seats and a lack of air conditioning, which could be optioned back in at no extra cost. BMW also ditched a lot of the soundproofing, which would be a welcome move in the G82 - it needs all the help it can get when it comes to engine noise.

Don’t expect any M4 CS/CSL to emerge until the tail end of 2021 at the earliest. Whatever it ends up being called, we reckon it’ll be worth the wait.