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BMW 7-Series M Sport Photos Leak

Around the beginning of this month pictures of a new BMW 7-Series model were captured while testing. The car in these pictures was a bit different then the standard 7-Series model, and speculation ensued. Was it the long-awaited and rumored M7? Some even speculated it being the hybrid 7-Series. It turns out that the car captured was neither. There will be a hybrid 7-Series th0ugh. The hybrid model has been recently caught testing as well and will debut as the 755ih. New pictures have surfaced today that clear up the confusion; the car in the spyshots was the 7-Series M Sport. Sadly, true performance fans will have to wait another day for an M7. The M6 model is set to continue as BMW's largest performance car. BMW7-SeriesMSportFront I'm a big fan of the BMW 7-Series as it sits - in my opinion it's the best looking luxury sedan in it's class. The new M Sport doesn't change that in the least, adding a dose of agressiveness with the M Package. The front fascia has been redesigned with a sporty new look, the rear bumper has been updated and new (likely M-sp ecific) wheels make a showing. The M steering wheel and shifter feature inside. Most likely a carbon fiber trim package will be made available as well. The M Sport package should be available across the 7-Series lineup, with no accompanying performance upgrades however. It sure does look good though, doesn't it? Be sure to stay tuned for more details and pricing information. BMW7-SeriesMSportRear


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