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Bentley's New SUV "Is The Boss"

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While most of the mainstream car companies are designing smaller, more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly products, Bentley has decided to do the complete opposite and introduce the most luxurious SUV on the market. The yet to be named SUV has a choice of two engines. You can get it with the next generation 6.0l W12 to be used in future Continental GT and GTC models but you also have the option of the same 6.0l V12 turbo diesel available in the top of the range Audi Q7. In an interview with Autocar, Bentley boss Wolfgang Dürheimer says “We will be first to use a 12-cylinder petrol engine in a luxury SUV. I like this idea; it makes clear whose car is the boss.” What I think he means is if you see this car in your rear view mirror on the motorway, even if you’re in a Range Rover, retreat to the loser lane immediately! So besides creating a motor that shows who rules the road, why are Bentley making a 12-cylinder luxury SUV? Dürheimer explains to Autocar that he is convinced there is a market for it since 99% of Bentley owners say there is an SUV in their garage as well as a Bentley. He also says, “Absolutely thousands of premium SUVs have been sold — Cayennes, Range Rovers, Q7s and so on — but nobody has given those owners the chance to upgrade. We will.” The big British beast is planned to be available from 2015 and the TDi power plant will be introduced a few years after launch.