Matt Robinson profile picture Matt Robinson 5 years ago

Behold The Majesty Of This 900bhp Ferrari 599 GTB Drift Car

The F12 predecessor doesn't seem like a likely candidate for a drift car conversion, but it's hard to argue with the results of this oversteer-happy monster...

Remind me later

Allow us to improve your day with just a few words: a Ferrari 599 GTB drift car exists. Doesn’t the world seem like a slightly better place with that knowledge? And what’s more, it hasn’t been given some predictable LS V8 swap. Nope, this beast - name Fiorella - is still running the original 6.0-litre Ferrari V12.

Well, not quite original. The FFF Drifting Department-built machine is packing two superchargers running fairly low boost, bringing the total power output to around 900bhp. It’s also now hooked up to a Holinger six-speed sequential gearbox. Other upgrades include a carbonfibre clutch, Öhlins dampers, 20-inch OZ wheels and a rather lairy bodykit.

Press play to enjoy the noise and tyre smoke…