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Autonomous Vehicles Mean More Car Sex, BMW Hints

BMW's new advert raises awkward questions about a future in which we're apparently all going to be sharing cars...

Remind me later

Despite the prospect of truly autonomous cars that work in the real world still being many years off, manufacturers seem determined to sell the concept to the world. Volvo, for instance, has suggested that its self-driving pods could one day rival domestic air travel in the US, providing a space for you to relax, work and even sleep while travelling on the road.

BMW, however, has gone for a different tact in this rather unexpected advert. In it, we see a couple getting amorous, before switching to a shot of the Vision iNext being tailed by a police car. Back with the couple, we see that they’re backlit by the flashing blue lights, suggesting that the heated scene is indeed taking place inside BMW’s concept car.

To creepily round it all off, we’re then given the message “new moments of joy”. Wouldn’t you love to have been a fly on the wall in the boardroom where this was given the green light? Understandably, the reaction on Twitter has taken something of a mocking tone.

Given that companies like BMW have also been telling us that car ownership is likely to drastically change in the future and that we may be sharing cars with others, all of this just raises awkward questions…