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Astronomical Car Prices In Singapore Will Literally Make You Laugh Out Loud

And you thought the UK was expensive? Pffft...

Remind me later With mile upon mile of open highway separating North America’s east and west coasts, Yanks routinely find it difficult to comprehend how small Europe - let alone the UK - is in comparison to their massive nation. If the UK is considered small, then Singapore is truly microscopic: much smaller than London in fact. And yet, it’s the world’s fourth-leading financial centre behind London, New York and Hong Kong; its port is one of the five busiest globally and its people enjoy the third highest per-capita income anywhere in the world. And this has what to do with cars? Well, Singapore has a bit of a traffic problem. Recognizing its small size and industrious population, since the 1970s the incumbent government has been trying to limit the effects of increasing car taxing new car buyers to hell. Here, in no particular order, are ten cars with sky-high prices (including taxes, converted from Singapore Dollars) you simply won’t believe….

BMW M135i - £128,885

UK Price - £31,100 UK Price - £31,100

Ford Focus ST - £90,286

UK Price - £21,995 UK Price - £21,995

Mercedes SLS AMG - £520,600

UK Price - £168,485 UK Price - £168,485

Mazda MX5 - £99,222

UK Price - £18,495 UK Price - £18,495

Suzuki Swift Sport - £57,914

UK Price - £13,749 UK Price - £13,749

Ferrari 458 Spider - £674,193

UK Price - £198,971 UK Price - £198,971

Hyundai Veloster Turbo - £65,800

UK Price - £22,120 UK Price - £22,120

Audi R8 V8 - £372,973

UK Price - £92,710 UK Price - £92,710

Mini Paceman - £112,174

UK Price - £24,920 UK Price - £24,920

Jaguar F-Type V8S - £250,668

UK Price - £79,985 UK Price - £79,985
Would you pay £100k for an MX5? Sound off in the comments.  Cover Image: some rights reserved - jjcb