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Aston Martin Has Built A £95k, 1000bhp/Tonne Motorbike

For some reason Aston Martin has teamed up with revived classic brand Brough Superior to create a track-only hyperbike with a turbocharged V-twin

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Aston Martin - Aston Martin Has Built A £95k, 1000bhp/Tonne Motorbike - News

You’re looking at a commercial tie-in between Aston Martin and Brough Superior, a classic motorbike brand responsible for what became known as the world’s first superbike before eventually going bust in the 1940s.

The AMB001 is a lightweight(ish) and unique take on the modern motorbike, albeit not road legal. Double-wishbone front forks and a svelte, drone-like carbonfibre body painted Stirling Green with lime highlights make it look like nothing else out there.

Aston Martin - Aston Martin Has Built A £95k, 1000bhp/Tonne Motorbike - News

Its turbocharged 997cc V-twin produces an under-stressed 180bhp but no doubt vast reserves of torque. At 180kg dry, the bike boasts a theoretical 1000bhp per tonne. This is just the start, we’re told, with more collaborations on the way between the two brands.

There are aerodynamic wings for actual downforce, the Oxford Tan saddle is hand-stitched and just 100 of the bikes will be made at the Brough Superior factory in France. The price is £95,000, making it a pretty expensive toy if you can only use it on track days, but we fully expect at least 95 of the 100 never to turn a wheel in anger anyway. Climate-controlled garages await.