And The Prize For The Most Ridiculous Geneva Show Car Goes To...

It's pink, it's brash and it will get your head kicked in if you're caught behind the wheel...

Hamann RR 3 We've seen it all at Geneva. Power was taken care of by the Lambo, McLaren and Ferrari, the exec-saloon category was dominated by the new Infiniti Q50, while Porsche made us laugh and cry with its new 911 GT3 model. Where there are winners, there are also losers. And here it is - say hello to the Hamann Range Rover 'Mystere'.
Image source: autoevolution Image source: autoevolution
Described by the German tuner as exhibiting "nothing more but self-confidence,” the Mystere is chrome wrapped in striking pink, sits on massive 23-inch wheels and is lower than its ill-fated donor car by around 15mm. Further ridiculous features include a custom quad exhaust system, a matte pink finish to the roof and door mirror housings and an aggressive body kit, including bulging arches, a deep front bumper with integrated LEDs, plus plenty of cooling ducts front and back. We spoke to Land Rover at the Geneva motor show about the Hamann and *they absolutely loved it. We'll leave the final decision to you, however. Hamann RR 2 *This is a lie. What JLR really said of the Hamann is strictly off record.


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Editor's Pick

Today's community question: what's the best 'quirky' Nurburgring lap you've ever seen?

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My favourite is this awesome effort from a Citroen AX diesel driver, who manage to clock an astonishing 9:55 BTG lap.

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