All You Need To Know About Forza 6's Nascar Expansion

Have you jumped at the latest Forza expansion pack yet? It has more to offer than a handful of new cars. Check out the new features brought in with the Nascar pack

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All You Need To Know About Forza 6's Nascar Expansion - Gaming

This week, Turn 10 Studios released the Nascar expansion pack for Forza 6. The partnership between the dominating racing game series and five prominent Nascar teams has been in the works for over two years, and is finally brought to life in the most recent content pack. The pack also includes the Homestead-Miami Speedway, which holds both a traditional oval and a road course track.

As you Forza loyalists know, this isn’t the first time the game series has brought stock car racing to its virtual tracks, but the stock car racing in Forza 3 and 4 can’t compare to the feel brought on by the thunderous Nascar experience.

On the other end of the deal, Nascar is no newb to the gaming world. Dozens of officially licensed Nascar games have been published since the 1990s, and the brand has been welcomed in simulations like iRacing, where virtual tournaments run parallel to real season races. With the brand now gracing Forza screens, Nascar has never looked so good (virtually, that is). You can love or hate Nascar, love or hate Forza, but you have to admit: those cars look damn good. Be ready for some sick Forzatography.

Here is a quick look at the cars included in this year’s Nascar pack:

All You Need To Know About Forza 6's Nascar Expansion - Gaming

Turn 10 went beyond simply adding more cars. Now, you can really mix things up by racing alongside your rivals in other motorsports. The studio states:

Whether battling it out against GT and endurance racers from the world’s top motorsports leagues, sharing the track with open wheelers from IndyCar and Formula E, or testing the limits on classic American ovals like Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Daytona International Speedway, this is Nascar like you’ve never experienced it before.

All You Need To Know About Forza 6's Nascar Expansion - Gaming

With the new pack, racers can cross off 20 more achievements and rack up 250 points for their score. The achievements range in difficulty from “Finish your first Nascar race” to “Complete the full Nascar World Tour.” You’ll even be rewarded for rolling starts, a new feature brought in with the pack.

A cheeky forum post earlier this year announced that Turn 10 has been focusing heavily on its vehicle drafting model leading up to new DLC. Rightfully so; Nascar races are won and lost to the laws of drafting, and that should be reflected in our virtual world. So far, this racer is pleased with the Nascar pack. With new content and challenges, it’s time to make like Danica and go crash into a wall (don’t do that).