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Alfa Romeo Is Building A 600bhp+ New GTV And A 700bhp+ New 8C

We did a little squee when we heard this news - Alfa Romeo is bringing back two of its most evocative badges of recent times

Remind me later

Alfa Romeo is bringing back the famous and evocative GTV name for an all-new hybrid coupe with over 600bhp and all-wheel drive. Sorry, we seem to have drooled all over the floor.

The new GTV Quadrifoglio, announced as part of the Fiat Chrysler Group’s new five-year business plan, will be a halo sports car and a legacy of the Marchionne era. It’ll also be a little bit exciting, to say the least. Seating for four and a 50:50 weight distribution will be defining features, although the concept sketch seems to be a two-door.

This links back strongly to the rumoured Giulia Hybrid we brought to you two months ago, only with sleeker lines and a badge you really, really want to own.

Also on the agenda from the business plan is, excitingly, a new Alfa Romeo 8C. It’ll be very different to the car this writer might argue is the prettiest ever made; the new twin-turbo engine (no cylinder count yet) will be placed amidships driving the rear wheels, and the front axle will be electrified, potentially making this a switchable two- or four-wheel drive hybrid.

It will sprint to 62mph in less than three seconds, push out over 700bhp combined, and be based around a carbonfibre monocoque chassis. Both deeply exciting new prospects will be brought to market in 2022, FCA says. As news days go, this one just got a butt tonne better.

Hat tip to Charlie and Sonia Rizzo!