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A Triple Turbo McLaren 12C Exists, And It's A 1200bhp Monster

Tuning company HyperCar Development has released a video of its 'Hyper1200' 12C undergoing a dyno run, and it looks angry!

Remind me later

Why have only two turbochargers when you can have three? That’s the thinking behind this monstrous 12C, which is the work of Charlotte based tuner Hypercar Development.

Thanks to what the company is calling the “world’s first Globally Patented Tri-Boost System,” the car puts out 1200bhp, although the eventual aim is to get it up to 1500bhp. And 300mph, apparently - Hypercar’s goal according to the description of an earlier Hyper1200 YouTube dyno video (below) is to make this the first street legal car to hit such a figure.

Perhaps a tad too ambitious, but we sure as well can’t wait to see them have a crack and such a madly high speed.