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A Russian Billionaire Just Bought The Nurburgring

Failed payments from one of the two German firms that bought the 'Ring last March have resulted in the circuit changing hands yet again

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A Russian Billionaire Just Bought The Nurburgring  - News

‘Hold on,’ I hear you say. ‘Wasn’t the Nurbrugring only just sold?’ Well, it was, as recently as March in fact, by German car parts company Capricorn Group and motorsport firm Getspeed. But, with the former firm running into financial difficulty and failing to make the payments, the Green Hell has changed hands yet again. According to German reports picked up by Pistonheads via Bridge To Gantry’s Dale Lomas, Russian billionaire Viktor Kharitonin has stepped in and bought out Capricorn’s two-thirds controlling stake of the ‘Ring.

Information on what Kharitonin plans to do with the legendary ‘Ring isn’t yet known, but this is just the latest episode of the circuit’s prolonged period of financial strife. Many of the ‘Ring’s woes stem from the building of a poorly thought-out leisure complex including a hotel and even a roller coaster, which has been left as a ghost town most of the time ever since it opened a few years ago.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this story for any developments.