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A Huracan Performante Has Been Badly Binned At A Supercar Meet

Some supercar owners just get carried away with all their good fortune, like the owner of this UK-registered Lamborghini that ends up an almost certain write-off

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The saying goes that there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. But we’d like to add a third pillar to that, involving the sad inevitability of totally avoidable crashes at car meets.

Perhaps the owner of this grey Lamborghini Huracan, which was being filmed at a supercar meet in London, was miffed about the apparent lack of Mustang fails lately, or at least coverage of them. Perhaps he thought it his duty to fill the void. Who knows: the only thing we know for sure is that he messed up. Badly.

Lamborghini - A Huracan Performante Has Been Badly Binned At A Supercar Meet - News

This video opens to show two Huracans, side by side. The grey one on the right suddenly launches away, we think under launch control but perhaps limited at first by available grip. The car slips out of view behind its green brother as the camera holder seems to wait for that one to launch as well.

Suddenly, drama down the street causes the cameraman to lift his lens just in time for us to see the grey Huracan spinning out of control and smashing across the pavement into a wall and a tree. We can thank pure luck that no one was in the way.

Lamborghini - A Huracan Performante Has Been Badly Binned At A Supercar Meet - News

It doesn’t matter what the driver did to cause the crash (although we can’t stop you speculating), because the end result is one deceased Huracan. The front and side airbags have fired, the front end is a minor mess that looks fixable, but the rear has been wrapped quite horribly around the tree.

There’s a semi-circular crush dent deep into the car’s body. The wheel has been pushed hard into the chassis beneath the engine, shattering the suspension and quite possibly ruining everything from the rear subframes to the mounts holding the engine to the carbon-alloy hybrid chassis. The engine itself is twisted way, way out of position. Extensive work will have to be carried out to see if the car is even repairable. Sadly, the wealthy driver’s ego might already be fixed…