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A BMW Was 'Lost' For Six Months After The Driver Forgot Where They Left It

Genuinely forgetting where you left your car is bad enough, but when it's not even your car...

Remind me later

Police in Manchester have just found a BMW that’s been lost in a city centre multi-storey for six months.

As barely believable as this is, a Scottish rock music fan who borrowed a friend’s BMW to drive to a Stone Roses gig at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium, just lost it. They parked it in the city, made their way to the concert and then… forgot where they’d left it.

After the event he or she (we don’t know who it was) tried to find it, reports the Manchester Evening News. For five fruitless, excruciating days no doubt peppered with really, really awkward phone calls to the owner.

The hapless borrower emailed various local authorities, parking enforcement companies and more in a last-ditch attempt to find it, without success. Amazingly, it took until August for the owner to finally admit defeat and report the car as lost and/or stolen.

But then officers from Greater Manchester Police stumbled across the car when making security checks on new year’s eve, tweeting about it from the force’s official account.

In case you’re wondering about the bill for the parking, a quick police estimate puts it somewhere in the region of £5,000. Ouch.