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911 GT3 Owners Will Soon Be Driving Without The Risk Of Spontaneous Combustion

Porsche has found the source of the GT3's habit of catching fire, and will replace the engines of all 991 GT3s built thus far

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911 fire Porsche You may have heard recently about Porsche 911 GT3s catching fire. As a result, all had been taken off the road at the request of Porsche - even Top Gear's Richard Hammond had to hand his back. The issue has at last been solved, as Porsche has announced that the problem lies in connecting rod fasteners. Porsche 911 GT3 In two recent 911 GT3 fires, these faulty items led to a cracked engine block, causing oil to leak onto the hot exhaust, starting a blaze. Porsche will now replace the engines of all 785 991-type 911 GT3s with updated units. Once the revised flat-sixes have been manufactured, each engine swap should take one day.