8 Problems Only Racing Gamers Understand

Every racing gamer is faced with a different set of annoyances. Here are some of the most common problems we face when racing...

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1. There’s no such thing as too much display

8 Problems Only Racing Gamers Understand - Gaming

Bring on the massive screens. Bring on two, three, four…as many screens as possible. There is no limit when it comes to racing. It doesn’t matter how big your screen is, you always want more!

2. You can’t afford to pause mid-race

8 Problems Only Racing Gamers Understand - Gaming

Bathrooms breaks are for the weak. There is no pausing in racing. Obviously, when you’re playing real-time multiplayer, you simply can’t take a break. Even during practice laps or single-player, pausing is a sin. Technically, yes, you CAN pause the game…but then what? Even if you position yourself perfectly and try getting back into the groove where you left off, it’s impossible. It’s better to just stick it out and endure the whole race.

3. Other people try to talk to you about racing games but can’t

8 Problems Only Racing Gamers Understand - Gaming

When your mates say “What is that game?” or “Cool setup. Do you have GTA?” it’s a sure sign they’re not much like you. Nobody understands your love for racing games. Even among gamers, you don’t fit in because you’re just not as interested in LoL or CoD. You’re not entirely alone. There are others like you, right here in the CT community.

4. You have to find the perfect settings for each game

8 Problems Only Racing Gamers Understand - Gaming

There’s no problem if you only play one racing game, but for fans who like to race multiple titles, it’s not so simple. For each new game you play, you need to adjust the settings to give you the best control of your virtual ride. This can be tedious, but once it’s done right, you can save your preferences and return at any time.

5. Your sim setup invades your space

8 Problems Only Racing Gamers Understand - Gaming

For some people, their sim takes up half of their room. For others, it invades their desk or living room space. You can’t escape it. Even if you’re only racing with a mere wheel and pedals setup, you’ll have to sacrifice some space. For people with family or mates living in the same home, the sim often invades their lives as well. Not just the space, but the sound takes over. Even with a low volume, the constant sounds of shifting and wheel knocking fill the area.

6. Chasing the ghost lines is so frustrating

8 Problems Only Racing Gamers Understand - Gaming

When you’ve secured the second place in a global track ranking, there is nothing more you want than that top spot. Depending on the game, you may have a ghost car or a faster lap line to follow, helping you improve your lap times. Set a personal best, and you are sure to go crazy trying to beat yourself next race.

7. Sometimes the hardware and software won’t co-operate

8 Problems Only Racing Gamers Understand - Gaming

When something goes wrong with your wheel, it begins a terrible journey into fixing the problem. You reboot, you recalibrate, you try everything short of smashing it with a sledgehammer….just to get back into the game. Most of the time, resetting your wheels to its default settings or downloading new drivers is the answer. Unfortunately, on rare occasions, you just have a broken wheel (these are still machines, and they can break). The gears inside the wheel become worn after heavy use or improper use, so don’t let your mates jerk the wheel to hard. Better yet, don’t share with your mates at all.

8. If you race too much, you’ll get sore

8 Problems Only Racing Gamers Understand - Gaming

Is it true that too much of anything is a bad thing? No matter how comfortable you make your sim setup, you’re bound to have sore arms, hands or even a sore bottom after a long race. Crank it up to several races each day, and you’re sure to be aching in the morning.