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8 New Car Trends That'll Hit The Scene In 2017

We asked you guys to predict the next big car trends. Here are the most popular - and most controversial - suggestions

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1. Restoring modified cars back to stock

Suggested by: The Stan

The tuning scene hit a creative low in 2015, with ‘on-trend’ owners going Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk crazy. I mean, almost every car at SEMA had riveted fender flares. This got us wondering: what will happen when these kits go out of fashion? Well, CTzen The Stan reckons that the majority of these modified cars will be returned to stock condition.

If Stan turns out to be right, we might start a new business called Standomod: ‘Restoring ruined classics back to their former glory.’ Just think how many Aventadors we’d get through our doors…

2. Electric car tuning

Suggested by: Alex Andrei
Suggested by: Alex Andrei

We have yet to see a tuning company improve the performance of an electric vehicle, but we’ve seen them tweak the aesthetics. For example, legendary tuning house Brabus reworked a Tesla Model S to produce this handsome looking beast. 21-inch wheels, a carbonfibre splitter and a reupholstered interior are the highlights. We like.

3. TRICE: Track Inspired Cosmetic Enhancement

Suggested by: Ali Mahfooz
Suggested by: Ali Mahfooz

According to CTzen Ali Mahfooz, ‘trice’ includes modifications such as ducktail spoilers and non-functional canards. These aerodynamic additions have turned up on a number of production cars over the past few years - the Mercedes C63 AMG Black and BMW M3 GTS being the most prolific - so perhaps Ali is onto something.

4. Electric conversions of old cars

Suggested by: GamerBoy_2999

We love blending old school aesthetics with modern technology - it’s why we adore restomods - so the idea of a retro Tesla rival speaks to us. CTzen GamerBoy_2999 reckons we’ll see plenty of electric conversions in the future, but American manufacturer DMCEV has already begun. The company’s fully-electric DeLorean features a 260bhp electric motor, a 0-60mph time of 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 125mph. Impressive numbers.

5. Pumping noises through external speakers

Suggested by: Ansen

A major problem with electric cars is the fact that pedestrians can’t hear them coming. To solve this issue, CTzen Ansen reckons that manufacturers will start to produce vehicles that emit noises through external speakers. We just hope they don’t settle on Saleen’s solution. Awful.

6. Rally specification Subarus and Evos

Suggested by: Johan Karlsson
Suggested by: Johan Karlsson

After seeing so many stanced and slammed Subies, CTzen Johan Karlsson predicts that true rally enthusiasts will rebel in OTT fashion. We haven’t seen any proof of this so far, but we hope it comes true! Both the Impreza and Evo have, in our opinion, always looked best when they’re sitting on high-riding rally-specification suspension. Match this with fully functional aero and petite gravel-spec wheels and you have utter perfection.

7. The return of early 2000s rice

Suggested by: Chuchundra (Jonah)

CTzen Jonah thinks that neon underglow, heinous spoilers and dodgy vinyl graphics are going to make a return. Judging by the taste of some YouTubers (see above), we can’t help but agree.

8. Tyre writing

Suggested by: John Georgakopoulos

Tyre lettering was originally conceived for advertisement purposes. I mean, what’s the point in supplying the whole F1 grid with rubber hoops if no one can see your name? This trend slowly made its way to road cars, with owners using lettering pens to colour in the tyre manufacturer’s name.

This trend peaked in the late 1980s and erly 90s, but it’s slowly making a return. What do you think guys? Love or hate?

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