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8 Amazing Motovloggers To Follow In 2016

These motovloggers have managed to turn their daily trips and adventures into some of the most exciting two-wheeled content on the interweb. If you want to be entertained for hours on end subscribe to these guys...

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1. Baron Von Grumble

BaronVonGrumble is a masked motovlogger who keeps his identity strictly under wraps. Baron’s videos originally covered his daily commute into London with witty one liners and controversial social commentary keeping things entertaining. Over the years his channel has grown to include detailed bike reviews, event coverage, and various trips to Europe. He even managed ride across 14 countries in under 24 hours on his trusty BMW GS Adventure. If you want to understand why two wheels is best, watch some Grumble.

2. Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian takes a slightly different approach to motovlogging. Instead of narrating his rides he stays silent, allowing his ‘daily observations’ to take centre stage. If you think that sounds a bit boring you’d be wrong. The noise from his Husqvarna Nuda 900R, KTM Super Duke 1290R, BMW S1000R Sport and Husqvarna SMR 511 is entertaining enough. Throw on top of that rev battles with supercars, ‘altercations’ with armed police and the occasional good deed and you have one of the best YouTube channels on the internet.

3. AdjrianNickelodeon

AdjrianNickelodeon is an Aussie motovlogger with a severe dislike for drivers on the phone. Some of his most popular videos have been confrontations with other road users, but it’s all for a good cause. At the end of the day too many drivers are inattentive, and this rider from Down Under is doing his bit to highlight the issue.

AdjrianNickelodeon rides a beautiful cross-plane Yamaha R1 which sounds incredible, and like Baron most of his videos have a set topic or theme which makes sure every upload is highly entertaining. He also has a good relationship with fellow motovlogger RidingWithTom which means more bikes and extra content.

4. Walterrific

Walterrific is one of the most entertaining motovloggers on YouTube thanks to the sheer randomness of his videos. You never know what you’re going to get when you see a new upload. Content ranges from ‘picking up chicks’ to chatting with ‘dogs of doom’. Walterrific manages to transform the most boring rides into the most interesting adventures. You won’t regret subscribing.

5. DoItWithDan

DoItWithDan wins the prize for the best YouTube intro ever. There is something deeply satisfying about getting a law enforcement official to unwittingly promote your content. A highly opinionated rider with a penchant for speed, DoItWithDan is never boring. I mean, with video titles such as ‘hooligan santa’, ‘I will s**t in your driveway’ and ‘Murica pew pew pew’, you know you’re going to have a good time.

6. Snowcatxx87

If you want to see some serious vigilante justice, Snowcatxx87 is your man. He has no time for bad drivers, ricers or reckless cyclists. At one point he even decides to give a cop a good telling off. It’s fun to watch a rider say the things we wouldn’t be brave enough to express. But we recommend watching Snowcatxx87 in small doses as his aggression can sometimes become a bit wearing…

7. Jake TheGardenSnake

JTGS is bonafide hooligan. Riding a Yamaha WR450SM, JTGS basically lives his life on the rear wheel. His wild riding occasionally gets him into trouble with law enforcement and he’s had his fare share of crashes. If you like living your life on the edge, you’ll love this channel.

8. LeadPin

LeadPin is another motovlogger from down under. He does the usual road rage driver confrontation videos like everyone else, but it’s his sense of humour and down-to-earth nature that has attracted a loyal group of followers. From talking about personal relationships down to his private battles with depression, he lets you into his life in a way that many other vloggers don’t. We can’t wait to see more of him in 2016!

So CTzens, these are our favourite motovloggers. Who are yours? Let us know in the comments below!