How to install a double din radio (Sony XAV-AX200 + XA-NV400) in a Daihatsu Copen

In this tutorial I will be replacing the single din radio in my first generation Daihatsu Copen with a double din radio. I will also be installing the XA-NV400 navigation module.

Step 1 - Remove trim

Open the glove box and push the top corner out as shown in the picture, then use something thin to pry around the edges. There are 2 clips at the top, 2 in the middle and 2 at the bottom. Be very careful with the bottom 2 as those ones are very easy to break.

Step 2 - Remove radio

There are 4 screws holding the radio in place, remove these and the radio will simply slide out.

There are 2 wiring harnesses to unplug + one connector for the clock and the antenna cable.
Unplug these and the radio will come out the rest of the way.

Step 3 - Transfer the bracket

There is a thin bracket on either side of the radio, unscrew them then attach them to the new radio.
The XAV-AX200 comes with its own cage, do not use this in the Copen as it will not fit correctly. On the side of the AX200 there are various holes. some are marked “T” and “N”. Those stand for Toyota and Nissan. When attaching the factory bracket use the holes marked “T”.
One tab will need to be flattened as it will interfere with the AX200’s 1 and a half din chassis. I just grabbed them with small pliers to bend them flat.


Because I want stand alone navigation I will install the NV-400.
I used Velcro to attach it to the bottom of the AX200.

Step 4 - Install

The reverse of what we’ve done so far. Just plug it in, replace the screws and turn it on.
There is a firmware update which I would recommend you install. It also adds a neat feature!

Step 5 - Various cables and accessories

To install this just pull this piece of plastic up and it will just come off. The handbrake sensor is right under here.
The green cable is the one that communicates with the AX200. Installing this will let it know your handbrake is on or not. You need this if you want to watch DVD’s, video files from a usb or perform certain tasks while using Android Auto.
To install the cable I striped the wire a little, unplugged the factory cable, then wedged the green one into the factory connector between the red cable, (It’s basically just a spade connector) Then plugged it in. No soldering required, it’s basically just crimped in place.

I placed the mic on the steering column. You can put it anywhere but since this is a convertible, I wouldn’t want it to pick up too much wind noise so by placing it here it will be pretty close to my mouth area while staying away from the window and roof area. It works well in this area. While in a call you can access a setting menu that allows to adjust the mic gain.

I placed the USB port in the glovebox and used double sided tape to mount it to the flat part of the bonnet release bracket. Very stealthy and sturdy.

Step 6 - Change some settings and enjoy!

Plug in a usb with your favourite .jpg and set them as your wallpaper, play with the 10 band equaliser and dynamic sound stage organiser for a better sound, or use the new rgb function the update gives. There’s lots to play around with.


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