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2.5 Turbo Mazda 3 Confirmed With 224bhp And 310Lb Ft

Mazda Mexico has outed the new turbocharged 2.5 version of the 3, revealing some impressive stats

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A few weeks back, news of a turbocharged Mazda 3 emerged thanks to a leaked document. We’re not supposed to be seeing that car until 8 July, but it seems Mazda Mexico was keen to get some preliminary details out there sooner.

A YouTube video (in Spanish, available with some passable auto-generated/auto-translated subtitles) reveals some key stats for the car. As we’d been expecting, the new turbo engine displaces 2.5 litres. It’s a reasonably potent powerplant, developing 224bhp and an impressive 310lb ft of torque.

You’ll only be able to have it with an automatic gearbox. The six-speed transmission powers all four wheels, though, which should make for suitably brisk acceleration. Despite the healthy outputs it’s not being billed as a hot hatch - there’s no Mazdaspeed branding, nor is there any added aggression to the bodywork.

Mazda - 2.5 Turbo Mazda 3 Confirmed With 224bhp And 310Lb Ft - News

When it goes on sale in Mexico on 20 July, prices will start about $489,000 pesos, about a third more than charged for a naturally-aspirated 2.5-litre 3 in the country. Standard equipment will be generous, with 18-inch wheels, adaptive LED headlights, a 12-speaker Bose audio system and much more besides fitted as standard. Specs will, of course, vary between markets.

The engine will eventually be offered in saloon form, although sadly, we’re unlikely to get the turbo 3 in any guise in the UK. Over here, Mazda doesn’t even offer the atmospheric 2.5, with the high-compression SkyActiv-X version of the car used as the range-topper. The 2.5 turbo version of the 6 isn’t available on our shores either. But regardless, we’ll still be keeping our fingers crossed. You never know…