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$180,000 Rezvani Tank Might Be The World's Least Subtle SUV

Meet the exclusive, bullet-proof off-roader for wealthy Call of Duty obsessives everywhere

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$180,000 Rezvani Tank Might Be The World's Least Subtle SUV - News

It looks like the spawn of a Hummer and the Youabian Puma, it has a 500bhp Hemi V8 and it’s yours for $178,000. Meet the Rezvani Tank, the only family SUV you’ll need if you happen to live in an active war zone.

Rezvani describes the Tank as a “street-legal Xtreme Utility Vehicle” or XUV. And it’s easy to see why - this thing wouldn’t look out of place driving a squad of marines into an alien-infested colony on another planet.

Underneath what we’ll call the bodywork lurks a humble Jeep Wrangler. Power even comes from Jeep family engines, with a V6 turbo in the base model and that headline 6.4-litre Hemi. Whatever’s in the nose though, the Tank sports on-demand four-wheel drive, which has on-road and off-road modes.

$180,000 Rezvani Tank Might Be The World's Least Subtle SUV - News

The Tank is already a pretty serious piece of off-road kit, but you can spec it to be even more capable. An optional Off-Road pack adds another 15cm to the ride height, with remote reservoir dampers, Dynatrac electronic locking axles and massive 37 x 12.5” off-road tyres.

Need more? Well, there’s an Off-Road Extreme pack with the same lift, but taller tyres, air-locking axles, upgraded dampers and uprated driveshafts.

Other options include FLIR night vision - although the powerful LED light bar might make it redundant - a kevlar fuel tank, military grade run-flat tyres and bulletproof glass. The car has a B6 ballistic protection rating, just in case you run into any AK47 fire in the school car park.

$180,000 Rezvani Tank Might Be The World's Least Subtle SUV - News

But it’s not all about the harshness of the outside world. The Tank’s interior is getting on for plush and high-tech. If you climb up the automatic opening side steps and in through the suicide rear doors you’ll find seating for five, in hand-stitched leather seats.

There’s a 7.9-inch infotainment display in the centre console, with navigation and access to internet radio apps. The driver gets a neat head-up display too.

Rezvani has pencilled a late 2017 date for first deliveries, with orders being taken now and starting at $178,500 (£135,000).