10 Irritating Automotive Features That Should Have Been Awesome

We love forward-thinking automotive innovations, but many turn out to be nothing more than annoying gimmicks. These are the features that CTzens find incredibly irritating...

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Adaptive cruise control

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Suggested by Remco: Billy Bob

“Some cars just slam the brakes instead of releasing the gas when a car pulls in front of you. It gets annoying.”

Parking sensors

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Suggested by: SpoolingTurbo (Jeroen Reyns)

“They annoy the f* out of me. They’re cool for the first week, but after you get used to the length of your car, they’re annoying as hell!”

Automatic windscreen wipers

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Suggested by: Dinkelberg

“When I want them to work they don’t, and when I want them to slow down they go ballistic!”

Plastic engine covers

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Suggested by: Kai Häßlein

“Any ‘stylish’ plastic cover in the engine-bay. Especially the the ones you have to remove to change a ruddy light bulb!”

Electric seats

4 MB
Suggested by: Nolan Lockhart

“Electronic moving seats are so slow! I’d rather just do it manually.”

Automatic volume control

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Suggested by: Johnny_D

These systems seem like a great idea, but the volume never quite adjusts how you want it to…

Stop-start technology

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Suggested by: MikeEM

The early systems could be a little jerky, but the majority of manufacturers have perfected their stop-start tech. So we don’t fully agree with CTzen MikeEM.

Pop-up headlights

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Suggested by: FLixy Da Madfox

“Whenever you press the button, your fuel mileage goes down! (Insert hate comments here.)”

Electronic parking brake

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Suggested by: Max Schröder

We genuinely feel sorry for the teenagers of the future. They will never get to experience the pure unadulterated joy of pulling massive skids around their local car-park. And good luck impressing the ladies with your electronic parking brake!


6 MB
Suggested by: Mateusz Dluzniewski

Not really a ‘feature’ as such, but we were surprised to find out how many CTzens would rather ride alone!

So, do you agree with your fellow CTzens? Are there any features you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below! You can also find our original community question here.