The Yamaha YXZ1000R Is A Wicked Off-Road Buggy With A Manual Shifter

Yamaha's new 'side-by-side- off-road buggy is unique in the segment due to the fact it comes with a manual shifter. Also, this promo video has some of the most arousing suspension travel slo-mo footage you've ever seen

Behold, the off-road buggy from your dreams. Yamaha’s new ‘side-by-side’ packs an inline three-cylinder 1.0-litre engine that revs to a heady 10,500rpm, but the real news here is that it comes with a five-speed sequential manual gearbox.

In order to handle the rough stuff, the YXZ1000R gets a hevay duty suspension setup, with 16 inches of travel up front and 17 inches at the rear - just check out how well it works in the video above. If you want to know more, Yamaha has released a series of videos highlighting the side-by-side’s stand out features:

Source: Autoblog


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