This Is The World's Worst Attempt At Parallel Parking

This Irish lass takes half an hour to park her Corsa. Impressive...
That's bay parking, not parallel parking! That's bay parking, not parallel parking!

Have you ever seen an attempt at parking a car so terrible that you had to whip your phone out? That's exactly what these Irish lads did after watching this Corsa try to park for 15 minutes. The result is an internet sensation.

'You just hit my cola can!' 'You've just hit my cola can!'

Attempts to get this supermini into a space in Belfast involved the whole back end facing the pavement and the Citroen C1 in front getting a minor bump. She eventually got the Corsa in the gap, with some guidance, half an hour later.

Finally, she's parked Finally, she's parked

It's not just a hit because the parking was terrible, the reaction of the students is the priceless part of this clip. At the start, they make cheeky gags at women drivers but once the driver gets her car parked they cheer like she'd won the London Marathon.

Once BBC Northen Ireland heard about this viral video, one of the lads was challenged to parallel park the reporter's Vauxhall Insignia, which he managed to do after just three attempts. Lad!


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