Tom Hanks Just Sold His Polski Fiat 126p For $83,500

The Hollywood movie star sold the customised Polish car as part of a charity auction
Tom Hanks Just Sold His Polski Fiat 126p For $83,500

The Polski Fiat 126p isn’t the typical choice of car for Hollywood movie stars, but this highly customised model recently sold for $83,500 (£63,500) after being listed on Bring a Trailer by former owner Tom Hanks.

The car was personalised by Polish modifiers Carlex Design, and it certainly stands out for all the right reasons. The 126p features a pristine green leather interior with wood and aluminium trim, chrome bumpers, 12-inch steel wheels sitting on 135/80 Debica Passio tires, a refurbished white paint job and bespoke badging.

Tom Hanks Just Sold His Polski Fiat 126p For $83,500

The car also features door locks handcrafted from vintage typewriter keys and the iconic “life was like a box of chocolates” quote from the movie Forrest Gump has been mounted to the dashboard. Hanks has also signed the car for good measure, with a pair of the movie star’s driving gloves also included with the lot. Let’s hope for the new owner, known as ‘yulzherrera10’ on BaT, that Hanks’ gloves fit.

The micro-ride is powered by a rear-mounted 594cc Inline-Twin engine producing a not-so-staggering 23bhp, which is sent to the rear wheels through a four-speed manual gearbox. While the mileage of the original chassis is unknown, the odometer suggests the car has covered just 300 miles, so the new owner should enjoy the quirky car for many miles to come - assuming it doesn’t spend its life in a showroom.

Tom Hanks Just Sold His Polski Fiat 126p For $83,500

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Hanks purchased the vehicle following a running joke he had with his social media followers, where he shared his affection for any 126s he spotted out in the wild.

The entire sale amount has been donated to the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and its Hidden Heroes Campaign, a nonprofit that supports families, friends, and loved ones who care for wounded military veterans.

Tom Hanks Just Sold His Polski Fiat 126p For $83,500

The Polski Fiat 126p is the latest of Hanks’ cars to hit the auction. In August 2021, the ‘Tom Hanks Collection’ was listed for sale, including a 2012 Ford F-450 ‘Super Duty’, a customised 1980 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser, a 2015 Tesla Model S P85D and a bespoke Airstream camper-trailer used by the actor as a resting place during the filming of 18 movies between the 1990’s and 2010’s - including Forrest Gump and The Circle.

The car certainly demonstrates Hank’s individuality, and we’re wondering why more celebrities aren’t driving in quirky cars. If you were a celebrity, would you choose this adorable ride or a Lamborghini?


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