Those 'Baby' Honda NSX Patents Were Actually For A Gran Turismo Concept

Honda's new Vision Gran Turismo concept looks to match recent patent drawings of a baby brother for the NSX
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Remember those patent images that appeared to show a ‘baby’ Honda NSX? The car they depict has now been revealed, and it’s, err, not real.

Yep, a car that matches the images - right down to the F1-style steering wheel - has been outed as another one of those Vision Gran Turismo concepts. To give it its full title, it’s the ‘Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo’. Colour us disappointed.

Those 'Baby' Honda NSX Patents Were Actually For A Gran Turismo Concept

It’s been created for the franchise’s newest release, Gran Turismo Sport. Since it’s not the most outlandish of shapes, there is at least hope that Honda might make a full size, real life version, as has been done for past Vision GT concepts. But a production version? We highly doubt it, but if you remember, the first patent drawings we saw of this were a couple of years ago, so who knows - perhaps there were plans beyond just a video game car at some stage.

Is driving the virtual version enough of a consolation for you? Gran Turismo Sport is out on 17 October in North America and 18 October in Europe.


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