These 6 McLaren 600LT Spiders Are A Pikes Peak Limited Edition

McLaren Denver commissioned a run of six Pikes Peak-themed 600LT Spiders, and boy do they look good parked together on a mountain hairpin
These 6 McLaren 600LT Spiders Are A Pikes Peak Limited Edition

The McLaren 600LT is not a car you see every day, and unless you work at the firm’s technical centre you probably don’t think the lighter, more powerful and more focused junior LT needs any further work to make it as exotic as it needs to be. McLaren Denver would like to disagree.

The retailer has commissioned a run of six 600LT Spiders to form a mini-collection of their own that honours a famous motorsport event on their doorstep. Called the Pikes Peak Collection, each car wears a different colour but sports the same specially designed interior.

These 6 McLaren 600LT Spiders Are A Pikes Peak Limited Edition

Equipped with the usual ultra-light seats from the Senna but this time embroidered with gold Pikes Peak lettering, the interiors of each of the six include a gold racing tab on the steering wheel, gold-coloured gear shift paddles, myriad gold details and a numbered plaque denoting the Pikes Peak Collection and that car’s assigned number out of six.

McLaren Denver’s plan is to sell the cars to different buyers, but if someone comes along and wants to buy all of them, we can’t imagine the retailer will say no.

These 6 McLaren 600LT Spiders Are A Pikes Peak Limited Edition

Mike Ward, owner of McLaren Denver, spoke about how excited he is to have these cars on his lot. He said:

“It’s really special for us to be able to offer a car like the 600LT Spider, which is already quite special itself with its Longtail heritage, and tie it into Pikes Peak, a race that is so significant to Colorado residents, as well as the racing community globally.

“Six very lucky customers will be the proud owners of these amazing McLaren 600LT Spiders, and we can’t wait to see them on the road and on the track in Colorado.”

These 6 McLaren 600LT Spiders Are A Pikes Peak Limited Edition

The six cars are finished in different MSO Heritage colours: Black Gold, White Gold, Nerello Red, Volcano Red, Aurora Blue and Midas Grey. Each then has a gold and matte black vinyl stripe running over the bonnet and roof.

No changes have been made to the 592bhp, 457lb ft twin-turbo V8, which launches the 600LT Spider to 60mph in 2.8 seconds. Carbon ceramic discs and Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres come as standard. Which colour would you go for?



i would go for the white it looks so good on the gold wheels.

07/29/2019 - 10:26 |
8 | 0
A Car Guy

I’m torn between the red and the blue. I can’t tell which one I prefer. But it doesn’t matter, it isn’t like I can afford any of them. 😂😂

07/29/2019 - 11:38 |
2 | 0

Love the Lamborghini wheels.

07/29/2019 - 11:56 |
2 | 0
Matthew Boxberger

I have to be honest, I like the 675 more, but i do still like the 600. And these are spectacular

07/29/2019 - 13:48 |
0 | 0

Me: Wow those nice, I might get one of those….
My wallet: Sorry buddy, can’t make it happen.
Me: :(

07/29/2019 - 17:11 |
0 | 0
simply sausages

Anyone want to guess how long it takes one of the six customers to turn around and flip his car for a massive profit?

07/29/2019 - 18:47 |
4 | 0

Or a year till next pikes peak

07/29/2019 - 21:23 |
0 | 0

Me and the boys are storming area 51 in those beauties right there

07/29/2019 - 23:51 |
2 | 0



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