The Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ Has A New Face And A 421-Mile Range

Tesla’s much-anticipated ‘Project Highland’ Model 3 update has debuted with 50 per cent new stuff
The Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ Has A New Face And A 421-Mile Range

The Tesla Model 3 has been kicking around for a while now, and even though the American company has been flogging plenty of them, it’s in need of an update to keep things fresh. The EV has received more than just a little nip and tuck, though - Tesla claims 50 per cent of the car’s components are new.

Starting with the obvious, there’s a restyled front end featuring a new bumper and bonnet, aimed at making the new Model 3 - codenamed ‘Project Highland’ - more slippery. At the rear, meanwhile, are new light clusters.

The Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ Has A New Face And A 421-Mile Range

The changes help trim the drag coefficient from 0.23Cd to 0.219, which in turn means more range. The entry-level rear-drive car jumps from 305 miles to 344, while the Long Range manages 421 miles, compared to 394 previously. There aren’t any figures for the Model 3 Performance just yet.

Those miles should pass more easily, thanks to various improvements to the refinement. There’s now double glazing, and improved tyre sidewalls to further reduce noise. The reshaped front end is also said to cut down on wind noise.

The Model 3 is now better at withstanding side impacts, thanks to strengthened doors, which as a side-effect apparently now make a more satisfying thunk when you shut them.

The Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ Has A New Face And A 421-Mile Range

Improved quality is a general theme for the car, with fancier materials used for the cabin, and what Tesla calls “elevated levels of execution”. Early Model 3s didn’t exactly crown themselves in glory when it came to how they were screwed together, so this is a big deal.

Also inside is a new 15.4-inch touchscreen, but the bigger story is the stuff that’s missing. Not only does the Model 3 still lack a separate instrument display for the driver - it’s now lost its steering column stalks and the drive selector. Indicators now have to be operated using steering-wheel-mounted buttons, while the drive selector is integrated into the big new touchscreen.

The Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ Has A New Face And A 421-Mile Range

Rear passengers now benefit from an eight-inch touchscreen which can also be used to fiddle with climate settings, and charging devices should be easy enough, as there are two wireless charging pads and a trio of USB-C sockets.

The updated Model 3s should be in the UK during the first quarter of 2024. Pricing hasn’t been revealed just yet, but it’d be wise to expect a modest increase over the current range. 


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