This Prodrive-Tuned WRX STI Has Just Cracked A Sub-7-Minute Nurburgring Lap

Tuned to give over 600bhp and rev to 8500rpm, the time-attack 2.0-litre WRX STI that has already set a course best at the Isle of Man TT is breaking records again, this time on the Nurburgring
This Prodrive-Tuned WRX STI Has Just Cracked A Sub-7-Minute Nurburgring Lap

We always enjoy a good ‘faster than’ comparison, and while it’s not necessarily a surprise that a highly tuned ‘ordinary’ car is faster than a supercar, the fact that a four-door saloon can best Italian and Japanese legends around the world’s most infamous racetrack is worthy of a nod.

The British motorsport and Subaru tuning wizards at Prodrive have sent a time-attack WRX STI around the 12.8-mile Nurburgring loop in a staggering 6m57.5s. That’s faster than the Lamborghini Aventador SV, Nissan GT-R Nismo, Mercedes AMG GT R and all sorts of high-powered stuff. It’s just half a second slower over the long lap than the Porsche 918 Spyder, and it’s now the fastest four-door car ever to try its hand on the German track.

This Prodrive-Tuned WRX STI Has Just Cracked A Sub-7-Minute Nurburgring Lap

The four-cylinder boxer engine blocks Subaru uses are strong enough to unlock vast extra potential – with modified internals, at least. And boy, does this car have mods. At its heart it’s a standard all-wheel drive 2017 WRX STI with a 2.0-litre boxer lump, but then a full roll cage is welded in, the suspension is changed for race-spec kit, the tyres are switched for nine-inch slicks and the engine is upgraded to the tune of ‘more than 600bhp’ at a screaming 8500rpm.

It’s running 25psi of boost and sucks air through a 75mm intake. Thanks to an incredibly advanced WRC-spec gearbox modified to be used with paddle-shifters, it can swap cogs in a mind-boggling 20-25 milliseconds. That’s quite quick.

You might recognise it as the same car that smashed the four-wheeled Isle of Man TT course record, only without the wrap and with a different aerodynamics package. Geared for maximum overall lap time potential around the track, it tops out at ‘just’ 179mph but produces as much as 295kg of downforce when it does – more than the Lotus Evora GT430, which is only fair since the Subaru isn’t actually road legal. Either way, it’s now a multiple record-bursting beast.


Tomislav Celić

Only one thing meeded to say “Future is our friend, not our enemy”

Sure, fun in driving on public roads might die.

But then again sub 7 minutes lap times.

07/25/2017 - 07:48 |
38 | 6

Technically speaking the Nurburging (atleast the nordshlief) is, when races arent going on and its a tourist day, a public toll road

07/25/2017 - 10:41 |
18 | 0
Seth 3

It looks sick

07/25/2017 - 07:50 |
6 | 0

As James May said, developing a car on the nurburgring ruins it ;)

07/25/2017 - 07:51 |
18 | 4
Tomislav Celić

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

I disagree

07/25/2017 - 07:52 |
14 | 22

250 psi of boost? Mother of god!

07/25/2017 - 08:01 |
160 | 2

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Very impressive isn’t it, I can only presume they meant 25psi

07/25/2017 - 08:30 |
76 | 0
Nishant Dash

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

07/25/2017 - 11:40 |
26 | 2

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Calm down it is a typo its 25psi boost.

08/27/2017 - 10:06 |
2 | 0
Joshua Lue


07/25/2017 - 08:01 |
6 | 4

Get out

07/25/2017 - 08:12 |
6 | 12


07/25/2017 - 08:39 |
2 | 0

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Mainly because this time was set on racing slick tires, which are illegal but also completely useless on the road. Still an impressive time :)

07/25/2017 - 18:52 |
6 | 0
Noah Thorley Images

The thing I find interesting about these fast Nurburgring lap times is that you would need a PRODRIVEr to actually complete a fast lap.

07/25/2017 - 08:42 |
4 | 0

I saw it at goodwood too and i think it shouldn’t be compared to the roadcars at all. This is just a racecar, for example: the splitter. That thing is so massive it can be used as a stage for a concert. The ‘ring laptimes are already a giant mess full of barely legal tires and different timing methods anyway.

07/25/2017 - 08:43 |
14 | 0

Woah woah woah, 250psi of boost!?!?!?!?!?! WHAT

07/25/2017 - 09:02 |
6 | 2

Good to see the prodrive badge back where it belongs, on race/rally spec subies

07/25/2017 - 09:08 |
6 | 0


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