The New Audi RS6 Is Hiding 592bhp Under Its Blistered Arches

There's a new 'C8' Audi RS6 Avant on the scene, and it'll do 0-62mph in just 3.6 seconds
The New Audi RS6 Is Hiding 592bhp Under Its Blistered Arches

There’s a sense of rightness to a fast Audi estate. The sales of these cars may pale in comparison to the company’s SUVs, but that doesn’t matter - hot wagons are just Audi’s ‘thing’.

Even Audi itself seems to agree. While revealing the all-new ‘C8’ RS6 Avant, it said: “The concept of the super-fast Avant is more tightly woven into the Audi DNA than virtually any other hallmark of Vorsprung durch Technik”. An RS version of the latest A6 was always going to happen, and now it’s here, we like what we see. It’s mean, isn’t it?

The New Audi RS6 Is Hiding 592bhp Under Its Blistered Arches

Only the front doors, the roof and boot lid were carried over from the regular A6. Everything else was built especially for this car. It’s packing huge nostrils at the front, while the arches are flared by 40mm to cover massive 21-inch wheels. The rims are shod in 275/35 tyres, upping to 285/35 if you option the 22-inch ‘V-spoke trapezoid’ design.

Big wheels are usually a recipe for a terrible ride, but like the last RS6, this one sits on air suspension. It’ll generally ride 20mm lower than an A6, dropping by a further 10mm over 74mph to make for more slippery autobahn blasts. Alternatively, you can raise it by 20mm for lower-speed driving.

The New Audi RS6 Is Hiding 592bhp Under Its Blistered Arches

Under its bespoke ‘powerdome’ bonnet lives a 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8. Sounds similar to the mill in the old one, but this is a different engine - it was co-developed with Porsche and already powers the likes of the Panamera and Cayenne Turbo models.

It’s much more powerful here, though, churning out 592bhp. That’s 5bhp shy of the C7 RS6 Performance, but the C8’s 590lb ft torque figure betters its predecessor by nearly 40lb ft. Will it get its own Performance version? Perhaps, but with a 0-62mph time of 3.6 seconds, that doesn’t seem awfully necessary.

0-124mph, meanwhile, is over in just 12 seconds, and if you keen going, you’ll run into the usual 155mph electronic buffer.

The New Audi RS6 Is Hiding 592bhp Under Its Blistered Arches

The 4.0-litre in the RS6 doesn’t just differ from its Porsche applications through power output - it’s also fitted with a 48-volt mild hybrid system. There’s a belt alternator starter unit which can recover up to 12kW whenever you lift off the throttle between 34 and 99mph. The setup lets the RS6 coast for 40 seconds with the engine off and extends the stop/start function to speeds up to 13mph. During “everyday driving,” Audi says this can save nearly a litre of fuel for every 62 miles driven.

The clever powertrain feeds all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic quattro all-wheel drive system, the latter favouring the rear wheels with a 60/40 torque split. If the driving situation demands it, 85 per cent can go rearwards, and up to 70 per cent to the front boots. To help agility further, there’s also an all-wheel steering system.

The New Audi RS6 Is Hiding 592bhp Under Its Blistered Arches

We’re guessing you probably want one. That being the case, you’ll be able to choose between 13 different colours for your RS6 Avant, two of which - Nardo grey and Sebring black - are RS exclusives. It’ll likely cost over £80,000 when UK orders open in November.



This is THE C8, not that OHV murican pos

08/21/2019 - 10:35 |
2 | 12
2003 Peugeot 206 CC

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

The Corvette walks all over this thing

08/21/2019 - 15:45 |
2 | 4
Chewbacca_buddy (McLaren squad)(VW GTI Clubsport)(McLaren 60

Just wanted to point out that you can opt to do 190 mph

08/21/2019 - 11:15 |
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1950 Mercury Coupe

I wonder how quickly they gonna pull it from the US market due to poor sales, maybe in a year?

08/21/2019 - 11:34 |
0 | 10

They won’t pull it, but poor sales is expected knowing America’s fetish for crossovers

08/23/2019 - 23:33 |
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🎺🎺thank mr skeltal

The front looks super cool, but the rear diffuser isn’t that great if you ask me. I’m just not that big a fan of the matte silver aesthetic that Audi has been using for a long time now. The rear bumper would look amazing if the matte silver plastic were carbon fiber, even just replacing the matte silver trim with flat black trim would make it look better.

08/21/2019 - 15:32 |
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Never been much of an Audi guy but this is looking sweet.

08/21/2019 - 19:03 |
4 | 0

I like the front, but not the rear defuser neither the side skirts. Engine is perfect being the panamera One with its conservative 600hp and 800 nm

08/22/2019 - 08:13 |
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The mild hybrid is a clever thing. 1L of fuel for every 100 km is useless for people who will buy this car.
But it decreases the rejected CO2 for WLTP and that’s a good thing for the average CO2 emmision for the brand !

08/22/2019 - 13:17 |
0 | 0

It will make it a lot more tax friendly in many countries. In my country you pay half the taxes being a hybrid.

08/29/2019 - 03:06 |
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When I here 500 bhp: who yelled yeet into the engine bay?

09/02/2019 - 17:01 |
0 | 0



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