Lancia Turns Electric To Revive The Brand

Entering its renaissance period, Lancia is returning with an electric concept car debuted at Milan Design Week
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Lancia has launched its return with an all-electric concept debuted at Milan Design Week. The brand’s new phase is set to redefine it at the forefront of new tech whilst incorporating elements of its past. This concept is called Lancia Pu+Ra HPE. Pu and Ra is in reference to “the brand’s new, pure and radical design language” and HPE is short for high performance electric. It’s also a callback to the high performance estate Lancia Beta in the ‘70s.

The colour is called progressive green to highlight the progression of the Lancia brand and its sustainability goals. Its bluey green tone is also intended to pay tribute to the Lancia Flaminia Azzurro Vincennes.

Lancia Turns Electric To Revive The Brand

Lancia has collaborated with Cassina, the Italian furniture designers to create an interior that’s supposed to feel like home. The front seats are free-standing arm chairs that have a round table between them. Whatever the production car ends up like, the plan is to move towards at least 70 percent of the surfaces made from sustainable materials.

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The new Ypsilon is set to launch in 2024 with hybrid and electric options and from 2026 all new Lancia models will be 100 percent electric and hybrids will be phased out by 2028. To be competitive in the EV world, Lancia is aiming for a range over 700km (435 miles) and a charging time of around 10 minutes.


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