LaFerrari: Ferrari's New £1m Enzo Replacement

You listening, McLaren? Ferrari unveil their 6.3-litre V12 beast in Geneva

LaFerrari 1

This is the moment we've all been waiting for. At their Geneva 2013 press conference this morning, Ferrari unveiled their McLaren P1 killer, dubbed LaFerrari. According to Maranello, this is "The Ferrari"; a supercar which captures the Fezza spirit but packages it into a 21st century delight.

LaFerrari 2

First, some raw stats:

6.3-litre V12 petrol-electric hybrid950bhp total0-62mph in under 3 seconds217mph+ top speed

For those worried about any extra weight the batteries might hold, don't, because the pack weighs in at just 60kg. Combined with the 789bhp petrol engine which revs all the way up to 9,250rpm, you'll be good for a 0-186mph drag in just 15.5 seconds. Which is truly mind-blowing.

LaFerrari 3

On the outside, LaFerrari draws its inspiration from the track-monster Enzo FXX with aggressive, swooping lines and feisty scissor doors. The company's first hybrid supercar also channels 458 Italia flair with LED running lights.

LaFerrari 4

Step into 'The Ferrari' and as with the 458, all the controls can be found on the steering wheel which now features longer paddles. For an awesome video, check out Ferrari's new microsite, but in the meantime, here are a few extra images:








Ferrari... LaCarThrottle salutes you.


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