This Jacked-Up, Wood-Panel 1973 Ford Country Squire Is Weird Enough To Want To Own

This jacked-up version of Ford's longest ever station wagon has caught our eye...

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When Liam sent us this link to an utterly intriguing ride, we had no choice but to show you guys.

This jacked-up, wood-panel 1973 Country Squire - one of the longest station wagons Ford has ever built - is currently for sale in Ohio for $11,500 negotiable. Clearly no good to us Brits, but worth a closer look...

This what a stock, sixth-gen Country Squire looks like This what a stock, sixth-gen Country Squire looks like

As you can see, this is no ordinary sixth-gen Squire. Modifications include that suspension lift for use as a tow car and, on its roof, you also get a painted American flag. Because 'MURICA!

The car's standard 6.4-litre V8 remains untouched, which is fed to the road via a three-speed automatic 'box.

While we can't help but think a 2.2-tonne wagon like this would be an absolute dog to drive, we'd sure love to get behind the wheel!


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