Here's How You Refuel A BMW M5 In The Middle Of A Drift

So it can snag the record for the world's longest drift, BMW will have to use unconventional methods to keep an M5 fuelled...
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If you want to have a crack at the hotly-contest ‘Longest Drift’ Guinness World Record, you’ll have a bit of a dilemma regarding fuel. The answer for the most recent attempt involved sticking an extra fuel tank in the record car - a Toyota GT86 - but BMW has come up with a more interesting answer to the question.

In its attempt to reclaim the title for the M5 (Johan Schwartz set a record in the F10-generation version back in 2013), BMW will refuel the current version of the super saloon during the slidey record attempt. From another M5. Which will also be drifting. If that sounds awesome, that’s because it is.

Using a custom refuelling rig that borrows parts and knowledge from the aerospace industry, an F10 M5 will be able to transfer up to 68 litres to the record car in around 50 seconds while both cars drift in tandem. The F10 will then drop back and let the newer M5 get on with smashing the record. Think of it as that scene from the ropey 2014 Need For Speed Film, but with more drifting and less Aaron Paul.

The results of the record attempt will be revealed on Tuesday this week.



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