Here’s How Awesome A Reborn Fiat 126 BEV Could Look

This cute and stylish little hatchback could make a striking direct competitor to the Honda e, but sadly it’s only a render – unless Fiat buys the design…
Here’s How Awesome A Reborn Fiat 126 BEV Could Look

Italian design studio MA-DE has just dropped a pair of renders showing what a future Fiat 126 could look like, and we desperately want Fiat to build it.

Reimagined as a BEV, this vent- and grille-free city hatchback is an obvious rival for the Honda e, which has a similar kind of design. A twin-test between the two would be the most stylish thing since Casablanca.

Here’s How Awesome A Reborn Fiat 126 BEV Could Look

Sadly just a render right now, the would-be 126 has been dreamed up apparently without any outside input, possibly to tempt Fiat into negotiations and possibly just to win Internet points and some positive PR. Either way, we’re absolutely taken with it.

Some four million 126s were built between 1976 and 2000, first in Italy and then in Poland, when it was badged the Polski Fiat 126. It’s still a common sight around southern and eastern Europe. We think this impressive market penetration is partly why MA-DE sees a possible deal to be made with Fiat – and Fiat would be wise to consider it.

The original 126 was rear-engined, hence the vents
The original 126 was rear-engined, hence the vents

Unlike the old Fiat 126, though, MA-DE’s design would be a premium biffabout for the well-heeled socialite, just like the Honda e. Much like the original 126 replaced the 500, the electric 126 could offer an electric alternative to the modern 500 for a decade or so until the 500 itself was electrified. The 500 brand is too strong for Fiat to replace it, but an electric 126 built on the same chassis could give Fiat the best of both worlds.

MA-DE hasn’t speculated on what we could expect from the novel 126’s size, technology roster or even from its power source, other than it being electric. It’s just a pretty little thing on a screen. Hopefully, though, discussions will start soon about turning it into a reality.



Fiat should totally consider this. They could easily build it on the new 500 EV’s chassis (which makes sense, since the original 126 was basically a modernized, updated 500), but while the 500 is the ‘stylish’, ‘fashionable’ and ‘not-so-cheap’ car we all know, the 126 could be a more affordable alternative for those who want the 500 but can’t afford it

10/15/2020 - 11:53 |
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What market are you in that a Fiat 500 is considered anything but affordable?
For reference, I’m in Australia and here a brand new 500 is $22,000 AUD including all taxes, charges and on road costs. (About 12,060 GBP or 13,290 Euro or 15,500 USD)

Comparing to similar sized cars it is: much less than a base Mini (34,900), less than a Yaris (24,000) or Polo (22,500), same as a Mazda 2 (21,990) and more than a Suzuki Swift (18,990).

10/15/2020 - 13:18 |
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Myrmeko (#CTSquad)

Wow. Just wow. 😱😍

10/15/2020 - 15:22 |
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Marcin Gregorczyk

Should be Polski Fiat 126p. Cool idea though!

10/15/2020 - 18:45 |
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Matthew H

Oooooooooh I really hope Fiat does this 0.0

10/15/2020 - 22:04 |
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Kinda creepy to think my phone knows this account, while I hadn’t used it in years.. I’ve only had this phone for like half a year and never used this google account on it.

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