Here's A Ford 'Godzilla' 7.3 V8 Making 1100bhp On Stock Internals

This twin-turbo converted Godzilla V8 has achieved over 1000bhp on the dyno, while still running the standard rods and pistons
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It’s been great watching what people are getting up to with Ford’s new 7.3-litre ‘Godzilla’ crate engine. The pushrod V8, intended to provide pick-up owners with a diesel engine alternative, has already proven to be capable of 500bhp with light modifications. With some more extensive changes but without forced induction, another achieved nearly 800bhp at 7600rpm.

This one isn’t naturally-aspirated, using a pair of turbochargers running 15psi of boost. This gave the engine some incredible results on the dyno at Merkel Racing Engines, hitting 1134hp at 5800rpm. Around two and a half times the stock output, in other words. At around 5400rpm, meanwhile, the torque peaked at an astonishing 1037lb ft.

The 'Godzilla' V8 was original made for the F-250 Super Duty, and has since been made available as a crate engine
The 'Godzilla' V8 was original made for the F-250 Super Duty, and has…

What’s most impressive about all of this is the internals are still stock, with the uploader confirming in the comments that the rods and pistons weren’t changed. The top end is bog-standard too, as far as we know. The setup ran uprated injectors, a larger throttle body and - of course - the 7875 VS Racing turbochargers and the associated upgraded intercoolers. And nothing else.

The near-800bhp N/A Godzilla we mentioned further up will eventually be taken even further than this, albeit with a ported cylinder head, Wiesco pistons, aluminium rods and a rebuilt bottom end. Ex-Ford Performance boss Brian Wolfe is behind that project and is hoping to add a 3.0-litre Whipple supercharger for a targetted 1600bhp output.



This is nuts! Can’t wait to see what this engine gets swapped into in the future!

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How about a Mach E?

12/15/2020 - 16:43 |
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