Don't Expect An Electric VW R Model Any Time Soon

Judging by comments from Jost Capito - head of VW's R GmbH division - we can't expect an R-branded electric performance car any time soon
Don't Expect An Electric VW R Model Any Time Soon

A go-faster, R-branded version of the all-electric VW ID 3 is something that has felt all-but-certain. VW even said at the time of the car’s reveal that it was “actively considering” a performance variant of the ID 3, while the bonkers ID R has been busy laying the marketing groundwork for the concept of an R EV.

More recently, though, Car Throttle spoke to R GmbH boss Jost Capito, who put our expectations in check. “It will take a while until we see that [an all-electric R model], because we first have to know what is the excitement of an electric performance car, and this is why we are working with the eR1“.

Don't Expect An Electric VW R Model Any Time Soon

He continued, “I believe the excitement of an E car is different to the performance cars we have now. But we have to find what that excitement is, and honestly, I don’t know yet.” Electric cars certainly have the straight-line speed box ticked, but this won’t cut it on its own. “Just the 0-60 is not enough for the future to have an exciting performance car,” Capito concluded.

VW’s R outfit has started its electrification journey via the hybrid Touareg R, described as a stepping stone by Capito. But in the short to mid-term, its products are more likely to revolve around pure internal combustion power via the tried and tested EA888 inline-four turbo.

Don't Expect An Electric VW R Model Any Time Soon

Capito reckons the engine still “has a lot of potential,” and will be sticking around for a while. As for how long, he wouldn’t go into specifics, but the 61-year-old did say, “When I retire it will still be in production. I hope that helps you!” To save you a Google, the retirement age in Germany is 65…


Tomislav Celić

Sad Tomislav noises

03/04/2020 - 16:57 |
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This statemet made VW 110% cooler

03/04/2020 - 17:33 |
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Im not expecting any electric vw soon the way development is going…

03/04/2020 - 20:02 |
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They need to do an E-Up! GTi

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