Cheats Have Been Discovered For Gran Turismo PSP, 14 Years On

Released in 2009, cheats for Gran Turismo PSP had never been unearthed… until now
Cheats Have Been Discovered For Gran Turismo PSP, 14 Years On

Remember when cheats in video games were a thing? Such is the nature of the Internet now, you’d be forgiven for assuming every secret in modern gaming would be unearthed by now. However, in a slightly refreshing twist, it turns out an old Gran Turismo title has been hiding some.

Released back in 2009, the PSP’s sole Gran Turismo title differed from the mainline games up to that point. It didn’t have the vast career mode the series is so well known for - rather it focused on a quick race mode to earn credits to buy more cars. Rinse, and repeat.

With over 800 cars in the game (a seriously impressive figure for a handheld console), the format did admittedly get stale in trying to collect them all. If it’s a milestone you never hit though, and would quite like to, someone has finally unearthed some cheats to make it that much easier.

Posted on Reddit to the official Gran Turismo subreddit, user pez2k has discovered two very handy codes that can be inputted on the main menu.

The first will add all cars to your collection, in the first colour they’re listed with. To do this, hold start + select + R, and at the same time press up, right, left, left, square, up, right, right, up, triangle, right, up.

GT PSP released way back in 2009
GT PSP released way back in 2009

If you’d like your cars in different colours, there’s a code for 99,000,000 credits, requiring you to hold start + select + L, and then down, square, down, left, right, triangle, right, square, up, down, up, down.

Pez2k says the codes work on both the European and US versions of the games. No word on the Japanese version, though it’s worth a crack if you have a copy lying around.

It’s not the only late unearthing of Gran Turismo cheat codes, amazingly. Early in 2022, data miners discovered that 2004’s GT4 had long been hiding them.

Now, if anyone has a spare PSP charger lying around, we’d be grateful if we could borrow it. 


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