This Bugatti EB110's 8,700rpm Dyno Run Is A Rare Treat

One EB110 owner hasn't let the rarity and value of their car put them off using it properly
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Bugatti S.p.A only made 139 EB110s, and it’s fair to assume most don’t get out much, living much of their lives tucked away in climate-controlled garages. That’s inevitable when we’re talking about a rare and incredibly valuable car - an EB110 Super Sport went under the hammer at the Monterey Car Week a couple of months ago for $2,755,000 (just over £2 million).

We should be thankful, then, that some owners are happy to say to hell with the scarcity and value of these cars and drive them as they were intended. The EB110 featured in this video from NM2255 even ended up on a dyno, revving its heart out to the heady heights of 8,700rpm.

This Bugatti EB110's 8,700rpm Dyno Run Is A Rare Treat

There are far sweeter-sounding V12s out there due to this 3.5-litre unit’s use of four exhaust-sapping turbochargers, but that’s not to say it isn’t an enjoyable engine to hear at full chat. It’s an angry kind of noise, and we dig it. Sadly, we’re not privy to the kind of numbers it’s making on the dyno. From the factory, the earlier EB110 GT model was good for 542bhp.

This Bugatti EB110's 8,700rpm Dyno Run Is A Rare Treat

That’s more than enough shove to overcome this all-wheel drive supercar‘s fairly porky weight figure (the later Super Sport version was much lighter) and provide a 0-60mph time of 3.4 seconds, plus a top speed is 212mph. Those figures are still impressive today and were mind-blowing back in the early 2000s.

As a final treat, the video features some hard pulls of this curio from Bugatti’s short-lived Italian iteration. This is a car that’s not far off 30 years old, but damn, the EB110’s still got it.


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