Awesome V8-Powered Mercedes V-Class Spotted At The Nurburgring

This Mercedes V-Class has gained the AMG GT R’s monstrous V8 thanks to GAD-Motors
Awesome V8-Powered Mercedes V-Class Spotted At The Nurburgring

Have you ever dreamt of lapping the Nordschleife in a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8-powered Mercedes van? Probably not, but German tuning firm GAD-Motors has decided to squeeze the monstrous power unit from the AMG GT R into the Mercedes V-Class anyway, because why not? Better yet, footage captured by CarSpyMedia has shown this ludicrous creation in action, and it looks (and sounds) awesome.

To put it into context, the regular V-Class uses a 187bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine, so the team at GAD-Motors hasn’t had it easy squeezing an AMG V8 into the existing engine bay. The super-van now also features a new custom exhaust system, ceramic brake discs and a modified suspension system, while the van’s nine-speed transmission, low-temperature and oil cooling systems have been modified.

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GAD Motors claims its V-Class produces around 900hp (888bhp) – some way north of the engine’s original 577bhp output – but you wouldn’t be able to tell from its deceptively standard exterior. This super-van has to be one of the greatest sleeper cars on the roads – just imagine the look on the faces of confused supercar owners as this crazy machine flies past on track days.

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In the video, you can see the Mercedes van understeering under its heavy load while the tyres shriek as it speeds around the tight and twisty turns of the ‘Ring. The noise produced by this wacky German racer only adds to the drama, and at around 1:08 into the video, the van emits a glorious release of air from the turbocharger’s blow-off valve. We’ll never get tired of hearing the sounds produced by the iconic Mercedes-AMG Biturbo V8.

Awesome V8-Powered Mercedes V-Class Spotted At The Nurburgring

Safe to say that the V8-powered V-Class gets a big thumbs up from us. While the angry super-van was originally intended as a one-off project, GAD-Motors will produce a limited production of ten units per year. We can’t wait to see these machines out on the roads.

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