Another Member Of The Public Has Accidentally Driven Onto Interlagos Circuit

Just a few weeks on from a Mini driver stumbling onto Interlagos during a race, another member of the public has entered the track while live

When a driver is on their way onto a live track, their main concern will be how to merge onto the circuit safely. What they’re probably not expecting is to come round the corner of the pit exit and be presented with a small crossover doing an awkward 10-point turn.

And yet that’s what users Sao Paulo’s Interlagos Circuit had to contend with recently. One driver had to stop when presented with a Mercedes GLA blocking the pit exit, attempting to turn around while clearly in a panic. In the footage above, we also see another driver lock up while attempting to avoid a collision with the errant Merc.

Judging by the difference between the two cars that were actually supposed to be there, we might be looking at a track day or test day rather than an officially sanctioned motorsport event. This would make the incident slightly more excusable, if it wasn’t for the fact something similar happened a few weeks ago at the Brazilian Grand Prix Venue during a Copa Mercedes race.

In that case, a Mini driver told local media that there were no cones, signs or circuit staff present to make it clear she was driving onto a live track. She had become lost after completing a run on the adjacent drag strip and had to be escorted back there by a safety car after the accidental track invasion.

It’s concerning to see this happen at any major racetrack, let alone one that hosts a round of Formula 1 most years. We’ve contacted the track for comment, and to see if we can find out what event was being run at the time of this unintended incursion.



seems like somebody was late for the mercedes race

12/05/2020 - 22:21 |
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