This 876hp Audi A4 Quattro Has A Serious Smoking Problem

Alm Racing Team's crazy modified A4 is a crazy all wheel drive drift weapon


When discussing the perfect drift car you can argue the merits of horsepower, weight distribution and everything in between, but there's one consitent: rear wheel drive. It seems no one told the Alms.

Alm Racing Team is a Norwegian crew of Quattro drifting brothers. Flemming Alm drifts an Audi S2 with 750hp, Fredrik slides an S2 with 500hp, and Kenneth hoons this insane A4 with 876hp.

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What sets these guys apart is the way they throw their cars about with such reckless abandon. The brutal acceleration is one thing, but there's no lift off into the corner - just a flick sideways and power through. Much like with Ken Block's Fiesta, the AWD helps claw the Audis back from impossible angles.

So how did Kenneth convert an A4 into a smoke billowing monster? With a bunch of factory parts, that's how. Power comes from a 2.5-litre inline five cylinder diesel block which is mated to a 20v head from an S2 and fed by three Bosch pumps running from a fuel cell in the boot. There's also a massive turbo and a bunch of custom parts including the manifold, pistons and camshafts.


The driveline has been converted using an S4 manual gearbox, while the rear differential and driveshaft are borrowed from an S2. Add a welded centre differential and you're well on your way to zero visibility.

We love the Alms' attitudes to their motors. From the battle-scarred bodywork to the fact they just chuck any old cheap tyres on, Kenneth and his brothers epitomise the care-free fun that made us fall in love with car culture in the first place. Keep sliding, boys.


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