8 Of The Cheapest Ways To Get A V10

Want a car with a stunning V10 engine note? Here are the cheapest ways to go about it on the used market
8 Of The Cheapest Ways To Get A V10

Not so long ago, we took a look at the cheapest ways to get hold of a car with a V12 engine. This obviously didn’t satisfy your lust for risky used cars with many cylinders, and loads of you guys were crying out for a follow up list featuring V10s. Well, worry not, as we’ve listened, and put it together!

Remember, as with V12s, while some of these cars are relatively affordable to buy, they’ll all be fairly pricey to run. Worth it for the noise and performance, though? Hell yes. Which tempts you the most?

1. VW Touareg V10 TDI

8 Of The Cheapest Ways To Get A V10

The cheapest V10 car on the UK used market right now isn’t actually a car. Or a petrol. It’s actually a ruddy great 4x4: VW’s Touareg in fact. For not much over £5000 you can grab this burly SUV in highly antisocial V10 TDI form, which will give you 309bhp and an unholy 550lb ft of twist. Want to tow something very heavy and still drive fast? Here’s your car.

2. VW Phaeton V10 TDI

8 Of The Cheapest Ways To Get A V10

Touareg a little too ostentatious for you? Still fancy that V10 TDI? Go for a Phaeton. Although the V6 TDI makes a load more sense, if you want to be a bit daft and get the V10, it’s available in the wafty Phaeton saloon for not much more than the Touareg

3. Audi S6 (C6)

8 Of The Cheapest Ways To Get A V10

You can’t help but be tempted by the C6 Audi S6. It looks utterly discreet, yet is powered by a socking great 5.2-litre V10 - a relative of the unit found in the R8 and later versions of the Lamborghini Gallardo. In the S6 it puts out 429bhp, which will waft you from 0-62mph in 5.3 seconds. Prices start at around £7000.

4. Audi S8 (D3)

8 Of The Cheapest Ways To Get A V10

If you’re after a tad more luxury and have a bigger budget, the S8 of the same generation is worth a look. You can buy one with the same 5.2 as the S6, but with more power: 444bhp.

5. BMW M5 (E60)

8 Of The Cheapest Ways To Get A V10

Worry not, this list isn’t going to descend into a total VAG fest, as Bavarian Motor Works has an option for you. And what an option it is. Quite possibly the most tempting car here is the mighty E60 BMW M5, which is blessed with a 5.0-litre V10. Power? 500bhp. 0-62? A mere 4.7 seconds. Top speed? Remove the limiter, and it’s over 200mph.

Prices start at as little as £13,000 these days, which for a car of that performance - not to mention an incredible chassis engineered by BMW M’s smartest boffins - is exceptional value.

6. BMW M6 (E63/64)

8 Of The Cheapest Ways To Get A V10

As with the previous cars on this list, there’s more than one option if you wanted that BMW V10. That’s where the M6 comes in. Not everyone was a fan of this Chris Bangle-designed 6-series coupe when it first landed, but time has been kind to that shape, and these days it’s looking pretty smart. Want to hear more of that V10 noise? There’s a convertible version too. Prices start at £16,000.

7. Dodge Ram SRT-10

8 Of The Cheapest Ways To Get A V10

The aforementioned cars are all well and good, but what if you don’t want something so Germanic? The Dodge Ram SRT-10 might just fill that void. Because ‘Murica. Filling its engine bay is a massive 8.3-litre V10 - the same one you’ll find in a Dodge Viper. The 500bhp on offer is enough to make even this gargantuan pickup truck quick - it’ll do 0-62mph in around five seconds.

There aren’t many in the UK as Rams have never been officially sold here, and the steering wheel of every example will be on the ‘wrong’ side. But if you do find one, expect to pay £20,000 and up. Want that engine in an actual Dodge Viper? Unfortunately you’ll need to up the budget considerably.

8. Audi RS6 (C6)

8 Of The Cheapest Ways To Get A V10

As the V10 engine is such an unusual layout to find in a road car, there really aren’t many out there to choose from. As a result of this, the latter end of a list of ‘cheapest’ V10 cars starts to get rather pricey. But still, £25,000 and up for a C6 Audi RS6 isn’t half bad for something which originally cost nearly £80,000. And you’re getting some serious performance for the cash: the 5.0-litre twin-turbo 10-pot kicks out 571bhp, which - until the new Audi R8 V10 Plus arrives - makes it the most powerful Audi road car ever built. A saloon was eventually available, but the estate is the one you want because fast wagons are awesome.


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